What is Vulcan? Vulcan is a discord-based authentication system to verify NFT ownership in your discord. You can easily grant custom roles to holders of NFTs on various contracts. We have worked with some of the top digital artists and teams including XCOPY, Proof/Moonbirds, Jadu, Memeland, AlphaCentauriKid, Lucréce, and more.

Do I need to sign in to a 3rd party site? No! Vulcan will never request you or your users to sign into any site other than verified marketplaces you already frequent, such as OpenSea. Users are prompted to change their bio on these sites to confirm ownership. We will never link these sites to your users, they will have to navigate to their profile themselves to avoid any impersonators and prevent middleman attacks. Vulcan Authentication's Discord ID is - 904575721429663785

Does the role automatically check ownership of a NFT? The bot does not automatically assign a new role without the user pushing the "Start Verification" button in Discord. However, the bot will automatically remove roles if the NFT is sold or transferred out of registered wallet once verified.

How often does the bot check registered wallets to verify current ownership? Approximately every 30-60 minutes.

Which blockchains are supported by Vulcan?

  • Ethereum (via OpenSea, LooksRare, NiftyGateway, SuperRare, and Deca)

  • Tezos (limited support through Teia - see Tezos Verification (Beta) for more info). Increased Tezos Support and Solana support is currently in development.

Which ETH tokens are supported? ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155.

Why are users continually losing their roles? If other asset verification bots (such as Whop or Collabland) are present in the server there may be a conflict. Those bots will remove roles that they manage if they did not assign them. So it is recommend to:

  • A) use the Vulcan Migration Tool to transfer management of the respective role(s) to Vulcan

  • B) remove the redundant role management configurations so that only Vulcan manages the respective role(s)

  • C) kick the other asset management bots.

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