Channel Setup

Create a Sales Channel in Discord

Begin by creating a Sales channel in your server. The Sales channel is where Vulcan will broadcast the token sales. Vulcan provides the ability to broadcast sales to multiple channels, so repeat the steps as outlined here as necessary for each created sales channel.

Ensure that the Vulcan role has the following permissions in your server. It must also be able to see your desired sales tracking channels. Be sure to double check your channel overrides to ensure Vulcan has sufficient access to broadcast the sales events. A warning will appear at the setup screen if Vulcan lacks sufficient permissions and the configuration will not be able to be saved.

  • Send Messages

  • Embed Links

  • Use External Emojis

  • Attach Files

  • Manage Messages

  • Read Message History

Set the Sales Channel in the Vulcan Dashboard

Head over to and select your server from the list

Navigate to the Sales Bot menu and click Add Sales Bot then follow the steps outlined in Sales Bot subpages.

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