Account Limits

Vulcan is free, but there are limits to its usage.

We want to provide Vulcan as a service for NFT creators and community managers to create amazing, engaging collector communities. To make sure anyone can use it, we've decided to offer Vulcan 100% free.

However, we do have some limits in place to make sure that Vulcan isn't abused (and becomes prohibitively expensive to operate). Prohibited use is mostly tied to creating a server with tons of roles/sales bots/etc... for collections you aren't affiliated with.

Here are the limits we put on Vulcan accounts:


Verified Roles


Sales Tracking


Floor Bot Keywords


Art Bot Keywords


Support Ticket Categories


Hit the limit? We are happy to make exceptions for communities who have a lot of collections they own and need to add to Vulcan. To get your limit raised, jump into the Vulcan Discord and open a Support Ticket.

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