Channel Setup

Create a User Verification Channel in Discord

Begin by creating a User Verification channel in your server. The user verification channel is where Vulcan will send the asset verification panel used by members looking to verify their wallets and claim a role.

The Vulcan role needs to have the following permissions in the User Verification channel. Be sure to double check your channel overrides to ensure Vulcan has sufficient access to send the verification panel. A warning will appear at the setup screen if Vulcan lacks sufficient permissions and the configuration will not be able to be saved.

  • View Channel

  • Send Messages

Set the User Verification Channel in the Vulcan Dashboard

Head over to and select your server from the list

Navigate to the Custom Webhook menu and open Settings

Select your newly created User Verification channel from the drop-down menu and put a check mark next to the verification options you want to appear in your server then click Save.

The verification panel should now be present in the User Verification channel.

Resending the Verification Panel

To resend the verification panel open the NFT Settings page as shown above and set the Verification Channel to No Verification Channel then click Save.

Then, reselect the User Verification channel from the list and click Save once more. You should see a fresh verification panel in the User Verification channel.

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