User Login

The login endpoint is used to direct users to login with Vulcan, select wallets to share, and be redirected back to your application.



Query Parameters

To obtain an access token, you need to provide the following parameters in the request url:

  • client_id: The public identifier for your application, obtained during your application's registration.

  • redirect_uri: The redirect URI for your application. You must pass in a url-encoded string. You can define multiple redirect_uris when you setup the application, and the passed in redirect_uri must match one of these.

  • state (Optional): This is a security measure that helps to prevent CSRF attacks, as the client should be verifying that the state it receives matches the state it sent.

Redirect Example

Here is an example of what your redirect url might look like:


Replace your_client_id|your_state|your_redirect_uri with your actual client_id , state , and redirect_uri values.


Once a user has authenticated with Vulcan, they'll be redirected back to the passed in redirect_uri for your application.

For example, if your redirect_url is https://premint.xyz/vulcan/callback/, the user would be redirected to:


Your application should parse the query parameters for the code and the (optional) state variables. If the state was passed in, you can confirm if the state is authentic. Otherwise, use the code provided to continue in the Oauth flow to receive a token from the /token/ endpoint.

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