How to easily setup staking from any contract with Vulcan.

This feature is to verify a user of a staked NFT asset. Start by pasting in the staking contract address followed by the original NFT contract address.

Setup for Staking Function

Assign a Nickname for this setup which you will see going forward within the Vulcan dashboard as well as the role to assign once your user verifies. Finally, assign 'Staking Function' from the dropdown menu that will auto-pull read functions from the staking contract. Most commonly this function will be 'balanceOf'. You can check for yourself if this is the correct function by going to the staking contract and then 'read contract' next to the function in this case 'balanceOf' pasting an address with a staked NFT. Then hit 'Query' if you get a balance response greater than 0 you are all set!

This is a complete setup. Once done click save!

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