Trade Bot

Setup for Trade Bot tool

To begin, please ensure that the Vulcan Authentication role has the following permissions in your server. It must be able to see your desired support channels. Double-check your channel overrides to ensure Vulcan has sufficient access to broadcast the support ticket webhook. A warning will appear on the setup screen if Vulcan lacks sufficient permissions and the configuration cannot be saved. You can find how to set up channel permissions under the Getting Started document section.

Start by navigating to the Trade Bot option on the left side menu of your Vulcan Dashboard.

Then select Add Trade Bot, choose the channel you would like trades to be posted in, and then Save.

How to use Trade Bot commands

  • POSTING TRADES - To post a trade use the command /trade the bot will then fetch all NFTs you have verified within the server. Next, you can select which NFT you'd like to trade with and then write a brief description of what you are looking for. Below is an example flow.

  • CREATING OFFERS - To create a verified offer you simply click the 'Create Verified Offer' button under any trade post. Next, you will select an asset you have verified ownership of within the server followed by a brief description of the offer. Below is an example flow.

  • DELETING TRADES - To delete trade offers you have made click the trash can button under the post.

  • TRADES COMMAND - Finally, the /trades command. When you use this command it will show you the 5 most recent trade offers posted within the server that are still active. This will also display the number of counter-offers sent to that trade. Clicking the blue name will direct you to the trade. Below is an example flow.

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