OAuth User Info Endpoint

The OAuth User Info endpoint is used to fetch wallets that were shared by a user.

HTTP Request

POST https://www.vulcan.xyz/oauth/userinfo/

Request Parameters

To obtain an access token, you need to provide the following parameters in the request body:

  • client_id: The public identifier for your application, obtained during your application's registration.

  • client_secret: The secret key for your application, which you received when you registered your application. This should not be shared or exposed publicly.

  • access_token: The one-time use access_token you received from the /token endpoint

Request Example

Here is an example of what your request might look like using curl:

curl -X POST https://www.vulcan.xyz/oauth/token/ \
     -d 'client_id=your_client_id' \
     -d 'client_secret=your_client_secret' \
     -d 'access_token=access_token_received'

Replace your_client_id, your_client_secret, and access_token_received with your actual client_id, client_secret, and the access_token received from the /token endpoint.


Success Response

If your request is successful, you will receive the following success response:

  "wallets": ["0x11111", "0x22222"]

Error Responses

400: Missing/Invalid access_token
401: Missing client_id or client_secret.
403: Invalid client_secret.

..and thats it! Your user has now logged into your application with Discord, and you have a list of wallets they wanted to share. All without any signatures, Powered by Vulcan.

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