This guide provides comprehensive information on how to allow your users to share their wallets with your application, powered by Vulcan.

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Vulcan facilitates a seamless connection between Discord accounts and Ethereum wallets. Although Vulcan's main purpose is role management within Discord, Login with Vulcan allows users to manage and share their wallet information with trusted third-party platforms securely.


  • Wallet Connection: Easily link multiple wallets to your Discord account.

  • Wallet Sharing: Share your linked wallet addresses with partner services without the need for repeated wallet signatures.

  • Enhanced Security: Our OAuth2-like protocol ensures that your information remains secure throughout the process.


We use an OAuth2-style authentication flow to ensure the security of user data. The process is as follows:

  1. Redirect user to Vulcan. User signs in if not already.

  2. User selects wallets they'd like to share with your application.

  3. Redirects to your application with an authorization code.

  4. Application exchanges the code for an access token.

  5. Application fetches user wallet(s) shared using the token.

Integration Steps

To integrate with Vulcan, third-party services need to:

  1. Implement the OAuth2 authorization flow.

  2. Handle the authorization code exchange.

  3. Securely call our API to access shared wallet data.

API Endpoints

Our API provides various endpoints for service integration:

  • /token - Authenticate and obtain tokens.

  • /userinfo - Retrieve user wallet information.

Security Considerations

We prioritize the security of our users' data. Please note we will only share wallets on a per-session basis. Applications will only be able to receive wallets explicitly shared by the user at that point in time for that application. If an application needs to recheck wallets, if the user is logged out for example, they will need to restart the Oauth process. Each access_token is one-time use.

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