Verification by quantity of NFTs held.

This feature is used for assigning a role based on the quantity of the NFT a user holds within a collection or contract. You can use either Opensea Slug or the Contract address in this example I use Opensea Slug. Afterward, Save.

Setup for verification by Quantity

Assign a Nickname for this setup which you will see going forward within the Vulcan dashboard as well as the role to assign once your user verifies. Then for quantity, this is set by minimum and maximum tokens through Vulcan. For example, if you want grant roles with users who own 20 to 50 NFTs and above you'd set the minimum balance to 20 and the maximum balance to 50 or you can leave the maximum blank to allow anyone with over 20 to the full collection size to verify. In this example, I am using 4 as the minimum and 6 as the maximum tokens.

Once that's saved you're ready to go. Below is an example flow.

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