Custom Webhook

Vulcan is rolling out a way for you to assign roles from your own internal system. You create a simple endpoint for Vulcan to hit and if it responds True, the user will get the Discord role.

We're starting pretty simple with this feature. All you need to do is create a hidden endpoint that Vulcan can ping with a JSON payload that is a wallet address.

We will POST to that endpoint with the following payloads:

For a single user's wallet:

  "wallet": [eth wallet address],

For a list of the user's wallets:

    "wallets": ["eth wallet address1", "eth wallet address2"],

We will expect a 200 response with the following:

  'success': true,

To give the role, success should be True. To not give the role, success should be False.

If the wallet address isn't found, return a 404.

Vulcan performs an hourly recheck and will add/remove roles accordingly based on the response from your API.

There's a lot more we can add over time, but this is a v1 to get people started.

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