Specific Token ID(s)

Verification by token ID.

This feature is used for assigning a role to a specific token ID within a collection. You can use either Opensea Slug or the Contract address in this example I use the latter. Afterward, Save.

Setup for verification by Token ID

Assign a Nickname for this setup which you will see going forward within the Vulcan dashboard as well as the role to assign once your user verifies. For specifying the token IDs you have two options. If you want a chronological array of users verified you can assign that using example 100-500 verifying all users with the token IDs 100 through 500. As well for specific token IDs you can individually write them out with the visual example below with the token ID followed by a comma. Then Save.

After this, your setup will be permanently saved within your verification admin dashboard.

Below is an example flow.

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