Configuring the bot

The bot allows you to associate a role with a user if they are registered on PREMINT. We also need to add the PREMINT API key so we can make API calls to PREMINT from Discord.


Let's create a role that your users will get when they run the /premint command.

  1. In Discord, click Server Settings, then Roles, then Create Role. Add a name & color for your role.

  2. Click Save Changes and then right-click your new role to copy the role ID.

To set the role ID, use this slash command:

/vulcan_set_premint_role <Role ID>

For example:

/vulcan_set_premint_role 955243562814021672


You can find your API key on the PREMINT website: Click on a project, then click Edit Settings, then API:

/vulcan_set_premint_api_key <API key>

For example:

/vulcan_set_premint_api_key f8ccfab2ff75d9339182983df719dbe7be180e8f78c7d99


You can use this command to clear out your PREMINT settings in this discord.

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