Getting Started

So you are interested in integrating Vulcan into your discord server? You're in the right place! This guide will show you step by step on how to get it up and running.

First, invite Vulcan to your server:

If you're looking to migrate your existing server from another verification tool to Vulcan, head over to Migration.

Setting Channel Permissions

The first step to properly configuring Vulcan is to assign an Admin Commands channel and a separate User Verification channel in your server. The admin channel is where the server owner will interact with Vulcan, while the user verification channel will act as the channel for new members looking to verify.
Right click > edit channel on your desired Admin Channel and add the Vulcan Authentication bot to the "Who can access this channel?" list.
In order for Vulcan to be able to assign roles in your server, you may need to grant additional permissions to the bot.
Ensure that Vulcan has the permissions to:
  • Send Messages
  • Send Messages in Threads
  • Embed Links
  • Use External Emojis
  • Manage Messages
  • Read Message History
... in both your admin and user verification channels.
Ensure that the Vulcan Authentication role is above any roles in the role settings menu for your discord server that you want Vulcan to be able to assign.
In this example, Vulcan is able to grant the 'Member' and 'Collector' roles, but not the 'Admin' role
Once you assign channels for User Verification and Admin Commands, you are now ready to visit your Admin Dashboard.