OAuth Token Endpoint

The OAuth Token endpoint is used to exchange an authorization code received during the OAuth authorization flow for an access token. This access token can then be used to make authenticated requests to other endpoints.

HTTP Request

POST https://www.vulcan.xyz/oauth/token/

Request Parameters

To obtain an access token, you need to provide the following parameters in the request body:

  • client_id: The public identifier for your application, obtained during your application's registration.

  • client_secret: The secret key for your application, which you received when you registered your application. This should not be shared or exposed publicly.

  • code: The authorization code that you received after the user granted access to your application.

Request Example

Here is an example of what your request might look like using curl:

curl -X POST https://www.vulcan.xyz/oauth/token/ \
     -d 'client_id=your_client_id' \
     -d 'client_secret=your_client_secret' \
     -d 'code=authorization_code_received'

Replace your_client_id, your_client_secret, and authorization_code_received with your actual client_id, client_secret, and the code received from the user redirect.


Success Response

If your request is successful, you will receive the following successful response:

  "access_token": "your_new_access_token"

Error Responses

400: Missing/Invalid authorization code
401: Missing client_id or client_secret.
403: Invalid client_secret.

Once you've successfully received your access_token, you can now send the "access_token" to the /userinfo endpoint to retrieve the wallets shared.

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