Art Bot

Setup for Art Bot tool.

To begin, please ensure that the Vulcan Authentication role has the following permissions in your server. It must be able to see your desired support channels. Double-check your channel overrides to ensure Vulcan has sufficient access to broadcast the support ticket webhook. A warning will appear on the setup screen if Vulcan lacks sufficient permissions and the configuration cannot be saved. You can find how to set up channel permissions under the Getting Started document section.

Start by navigating to the Art Bot option on the left side menu of your Vulcan Dashboard.

Then select Add Art Bot, and select 'NFT Contract' followed by pasting the contract address of the art you'd like the bot to broadcast. Click Save.

Next, you can set up Nicknames, Filtered Token ID(s), and keywords for the server members when using the command. The first option Nickname is an internal nickname exclusively for the Vulcan dashboard to help you organize. Token ID(s) allows you to filter which token ID(s) people can broadcast within a shared contract like Artblocks. Artbot Keywords is the keyword your users will use to broadcast the NFTs from the contract you've selected.

Finally, click Set Up Now under the No Artbot Channels and toggle which channels you'd like the art bot to be used in.

Once saved you're ready to go. Below is an example flow.

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