Support Tickets

Setup for Support Tickets tool.

To begin, please ensure that the Vulcan role has the following additional permissions in your server. It must be able to see your desired support ticket channel. Double-check your channel overrides to ensure Vulcan has sufficient access to broadcast the support ticket menu. A warning will appear on the setup screen if Vulcan lacks sufficient permissions and the configuration cannot be saved.

  • Send Messages in Threads and Posts

  • Create Private Threads

  • Mention @everyone, @here, and All Roles

  • Manage Threads and Posts

Start by navigating to the Support Tickets option on the left side menu of your Vulcan Dashboard.

Then select Add Support Bot, and select the channel you'd like the support bot to broadcast to as well as the role you'd like to ping to the staff managing the ticket.

After clicking save you should see Vulcan populate a new Create Ticket menu.

Next, you will select Create Category in the Support Ticket dashboard.

There are two main things to look at on this screen are Category and Question Prompts. These two settings will help guide your users to an easy and swift support process.

Within the Category section you will type the name this will be what your user sees when they select a prompt from the create ticket dropdown. As well as the auto response the bot will send to the user creating the ticket after it has been opened.

Finally, the Questions section this setting will assist in answering the frequently asked questions by your support. Type in the questions you would find best tailored for your server as well as a placeholder response and click save.

Once saved you're ready to go. Below is an example flow.

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