An introduction into the modules within Vulcan.

To set up start by navigating to the Vulcan main dashboard and either select 'Launch ->' under the Token Gated Roles box or directly select the verification type you want on the left side hamburger menu.

Next, select 'Add NFT role'.

You have now reached the main configuration section of the dashboard.

At this page, you will want to select the verification type that is best used in your situation. Following this use the guides attached to this to help with your setup.

Vulcan utilizes an exclusive Auto-Verify via PREMINT option that allows collectors to seamlessly verify their assets if they have previously connected their discord account and wallet to PREMINT.


The Vulcan dashboard allows server administrators to have a keen insight into user engagement within their servers. Showing the time in which they verified as well as what assets allowed them to verify. This page will only populate after you've created a role.

Verification Types

There are currently nine different verification options available to choose from. Six are pictured below as well as ERC-20, Custom Webhook, and Captcha verification.

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