Interacting with the bot

Admins can always type / to see a list of commands available:

/vulcan_post_raffle [any premint link]

Admins can use this command to embed a PREMINT raffle directly in Discord.


Users can type /premint in any channel to see if they are registered in the PREMINT list for your project.

Since we're not passing in an address, we're relying on whether the user linked their Discord in PREMINT.

/premint [wallet]

If a user did not link their Discord, we recommend they pass their ETH wallet address or ENS name to the bot.

For example:

/premint 0x064DcA21b1377D1655AC3CA3e95282D9494E5611


/premint rhynotic.eth

This command will add the role you setup earlier to the user.

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