An introduction into the modules within Vulcan.
First, select the server you want to configure. You will come across the selection page that will display all of your servers which you have invited Vulcan.
You have now reached the main configuration section of the dashboard.
In this section of the dashboard, you will be able to assign the Verification and Admin channels and verification options.
Vulcan utilizes an exclusive 'Auto-Verify via PREMINT' option that allows collectors to seamlessly verify their assets if they have previously connected their discord account and wallet to PREMINT.

Adding a Collection

In this section of the main configuration page, you will be able to add a new collection that will apply to a role in your server.
Start by clicking on 'Add new role' in the center of your dashboard.

Verification Types

There are currently eight different verification options available to choose from.

Verifying Assets

Once a user clicks 'Start Verification', they will be prompted by Vulcan to send their Ethereum address.
They might also be prompted to change their OpenSea bio to a unique string provided.
If a collector has already verified with Vulcan in another server or with PREMINT, their assets will automatically be verified and all qualifying roles will be added.

Once verified, the user will be granted all eligible roles in your server.

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