Add or Remove Wallet

This section will detail how to register or delete a linked wallet for asset verification.

Registering a Traditional Wallet

Once a user clicks Start Verification, Vulcan will automatically scan for any wallets linked between the user's Discord account and PREMINT.
If the user does not have any wallets linked to PREMINT, they will need to register their account by clicking on one of the available options to verify their assets (these will vary from server to server). Below is an example of how to verify using Opensea.
Once verified, the user will be granted all eligible roles in your server.
If the user would like to add a new wallet they would simply need to repeat the steps above.

Adding a Delegated Wallet

Complete the steps in Registering a Traditional Wallet to register your HOT wallet with Vulcan
Once your HOT wallet has been registered, press the Start Verification button again
Once the scans are completed, press the Add Delegated Wallet button
Enter your HOT wallet address at the prompt. Vulcan will scan for any delegations added via or Warm.
If successful, the cold wallet will be registered to your account.

Removing a Wallet

Click on the ellipsis (...) next to the wallet you want to remove then click Remove Wallet
Please note, when you remove your wallet, you will lose all the roles you were given with assets in that wallet.
If the wallet is linked to PREMINT, you must do one of the following from the PREMINT profile dashboard at
  • a) remove that wallet from your PREMINT account
  • b) disconnect your Discord account from the PREMINT account for that wallet